Q7 Spiral dental implant


Extremely precise internal hex


Micro rings
Bone platform shifting
Rough surface to the top


Coronal-thick square threads
Central part-thinner square threads
Apical-V form threads


Tapered body with Dual thread of 2 mm
Highly expressed conical core
Osteotomy like condensing body
Threads become thinner in the apical direction


Narrow body
Sharp threads
Three spiral channels
Condensing tapper
Domed apex


The Q7 is a spiral tapered internal hex implant with unique body structure and excellent surface features that enable smooth insertion, high initial stability and short healing time.
The conical shape of the implant body and its variable thread design grants it with exceptional abilities.
It is self-drilling, self-tapping and self-condensing, giving unique advantages in all bone types and in compromised situations. Although it is suitable for all bone types, it is highly recommended for pure bone types. The Q7 spiral implant is an excellent solution for both two and single stage procedures.

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Order Information

3.3 mm3.75 mm4.2 mm5.0 mm
8 mmQSI-3308QSI-3708QSI-4208QSI-5008
10 mmQSI-3310QSI-3710QSI-4210QSI-5010
11.5 mmQSI-3311QSI-3711QSI-4211QSI-5011
13 mmQSI-3313QSI-3713QSI-4213QSI-5013
16 mmQSI-3316QSI-3716QSI-4216QSI-5016

Perfect implant-abutment connection

Decreased crestal stress

Bone condensing & Easy insertion


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